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No Boredom At Mirvin Hall

No Boredom at MH Cover - JPG Small.jpg

The total environment in and around Mirvin Hall was our "playground". With approximately 40 kids in the building, we were never short on play pals and then there were the kids in the neighboring houses too. 

Our games and toys were unique to the sidewalks of Brooklyn and probably not found anywhere outside of New York City. 

We used our creative skills with chalk, wood, and just our own two feet to play, race around in unique games of tag. Who needed batteries? Not us!! We had BOTTLECAPS and broomstick bats!

From early morning to sunset, we wore out the tips of our shoes and the knees in our "chinos" playing those games or hurtling around the neighborhood on orange crate scooters made with roller skates. 

Come and see what fun can be without the electronics of today. 

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